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Welcome to Voices For Down syndrome!
I’ll be discussing the challenges & triumphs of raising a child with Trisomy 21, Autism, ADD (my son CJ has Down syndrome).Voices For Down syndrome is a “parent prospective” from Raising a child with Down syndrome.

Voices For Down syndrome  is a Social network focused on educating, learning, relating and supporting anyone who has an interest or is affected by Down syndrome.  We intend to bring news about  Down syndrome and other special needs into the public eye and in so doing dismiss many of the misconceptions that surround Down syndrome.  In doing so we also hope to be able to provide information and resources and build a community that will aid in creating a better quality of life for all our families that have a loved one with Down syndrome.

I will be sharing valuable resources, local, state and federal; for parents & teachers, inspirational stories, tips, thoughts about my own experiences & lots more. Join us as we continue to grown and rais the awareness and acceptance for Down syndrome.

My name is Debra Forand and as a mom with a child with Down syndrome I know how challenging it can be in Northwest Florida to find the resources and support that is needed.  We are just getting started, please join us.

I know from personal experience the pain, and struggles that parents and caregivers face. No one should have a door closed on them, and no one should looked down upon. Down syndrome does not know wealth nor community stature.

There are several way you can contact me.

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Facebook groups “Voices For Down syndrome” http://www.facebook.com/voicesfordownsyndrome

Or you  can email me at Debra Email: dforand@voicesfordownsyndrome.com


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  1. Clarice Goodman left a message for the Florida Disabled Outdoors Association, but we could not understand the phone number so cannot return her call. Our phone # 850-201-2944. Please have her call again or email us. Thanks!

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